7/31/2014 Highlands Council Helps Ensure Permanent Protection of 190+ Acres in West Milford
5/14/2014 Highlands Council Helps Oakland Borough Address Wastewater Management Planning
4/17/2014 Highlands Council Approves Jefferson Petition and Moves Monitoring Program Forward
10/17/2013 Highlands Council Moves TDR Program Forward with Feasibility Grant to Vernon Township and Contract for Fiscal Analysis Services
9/23/2013 Highlands Council Supports Comprehensive Planning Efforts for Southwest Shore of Budd Lake
5/17/2013 Roxbury Township Receives Approval for Highlands Plan Conformance Petition
3/21/2013 Highlands Council Hires New Chief Counsel
3/15/2013 HDC Bank approves offers to preserve nearly 200 additional acres in the Highlands
1/17/2013 Randolph Township Continues Commitment to Comprehensive Planning with Highlands Plan Conformance
10/18/2012 Highlands Council Approves Redevelopment Area Designation in Mount Olive
09/20/2012 Highlands Council Adds Borough of Hopatcong in Sussex to list of Approved Municipalities
07/19/2012 Highlands Council Moves Forward with Plans to Delegate Exemption Decisions
06/21/2012 Highlands Council Names Christine Danis Director of Planning and Science
05/30/2012 High Bridge Wins Award for Sustainable Economic Development Plan
05/17/2012 Highlands Council Votes to Hire Margaret Nordstrom as Deputy Executive Director
04/19/2012 Highlands Council Votes to Appoint Gene F. Feyl Executive Director
03/05/2012 Highlands Council Chair Makes Common Sense Reforms to Streamline Exemption Process for Highlands Residents
02/16/2012 Highlands Council Approves Tennessee Gas Pipeline Expansion Project
02/16/2012 Highlands Council Continues Progress on Plan Conformance
02/03/2012 HDC Bank approves three offers for Highlands Land Preservation
01/06/2012 Highlands Council's 2011 Year in Review
10/27/2011 HDC Bank approves two offers for Highlands Preservation
10/13/2011 Highlands Council Continues Successful Regional Planning with Phillipsburg Partnership
10/13/2011 Highlands Council Decision Determines Beneficial Future of Former Landfill
09/16/2011 Highlands Approvals Reach Halfway Mark
08/01/2011 HDC Bank Offers $3.248 Million for Highlands Land Preservation
06/14/2011 Governor Christie designates Jim Rilee as Highlands Chairman
05/25/2011 Senate approves four to Highlands Council
03/17/2011 Highlands Council Approves Conformance of Another Town, County, to Regional Master Plan
02/17/2011 Highlands Council Adds 100,000 Acres
01/25/2011 HDC Bank To Consider Third Round Offers
01/20/2011 Highlands Council Adds Five More Municipalities
12/16/2010 Highlands Council Approves Four More Municipalities, First County
11/19/2010 Hampton Borough, Lebanon Borough Petitions for Plan Conformance Approved
10/21/2010 Chester Township’s Petition for Plan Conformance approved – First in Morris County
10/19/2010 Alpha Borough, Phillipsburg apply for Highlands conformance, Center designations
09/23/2010 Highlands Council approves Byram Township's petition for Plan Conformance and designates Highlands Center
09/11/2010 Governor Authorizes Extension of Dual-Appraisal Method
08/19/2010 Highlands Council Releases Land Preservation Update Report
07/07/2010 U.S. Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to the Highlands Act
06/29/2010 'Dual Appraisal' Extended for Highlands
06/11/2010 Highlands Council, RPA Team Up For Regenerative Design Conference
05/06/2010 A Great Start for Highlands TDR
04/29/2010 HDC Bank to Consider First Offers
04/15/2010 Highlands Council Considers 'Smart Growth' Planning
03/04/2010 Highlands Council Approves Two Redevelopment Projects
12/08/2009 Highlands Municipal Plan Conformance
11/05/2009 Highlands Council Launches TDR Program
09/04/2009 Appellate Court Upholds Regional Master Plan
08/12/2009 Highlands Council, COAH Coordinate Efforts
07/16/2009 Highlands Municipal Build-Out Reports Released
07/16/2009 Michael Francis Joins Highlands Council
06/25/2009 Highlands Council Approves PSE&G Mitigation Plan
06/19/2009 Governor Nominates Four to Highlands Council
05/19/2009 PSE&G Amends Proposal for Susquehanna-Roseland Project
02/26/2009 New Grant Program in Highlands
01/27/2009 Municipalities, Counties Urged to Apply for Plan Conformance Grants
01/05/2009 Another Busy Year Ahead for Highlands Council
12/18/2008 New Grants Available From Highlands Council
12/09/2008 State Supreme Court Upholds Highlands Act
11/20/2008 League of Municipalities, Highlands Council Hold Joint Information Session 
10/30/2008 Highlands Council, COAH Approve Memorandum of Understanding 
10/30/2008 Highlands Council Awards Initial Assessment, TDR Feasibility Grants 
09/05/2008 Governor Corzine Issues Executive Order, Supports Regional Master Plan 
08/25/2008 Regional Master Plan Submitted to Office of Smart Growth for Endorsement
08/22/2008 Highlands Council Awards Five More Assessment Grants
07/24/2008 Highlands Plan Moves Forward
07/23/2008 Highlands Plan Sets Key Protections For Environment
07/18/2008 Highlands Council Approves Regional Master Plan 
07/15/2008 Regional Master Plan Released to Public 
07/10/2008 Highlands Council to Vote on Regional Master Plan on July 17
07/01/2008 Call for HDC Bank Board Members 
06/27/2008 Highlands Council Unveils New Web Tool 


Highlands Council Releases Regional Build Out Analysis


Highlands Council Awards TDR Feasibility Grant to Clinton Town
04/02/2008 Highlands Council Wins Environmental Achievement Award
03/27/2008 Highlands Council Sets The Date To Adopt Regional Master Plan 
02/28/2008 Highlands Council Allocates $1.5 Million in Local Grant Funds
02/11/2008 Capacity Crowd Attends First Public Hearing For Highlands Regional Master Plan

Highlands Act Is Successfully Defended

12/01/2007 Public Comment Period Begins on Highlands Regional Master Plan
11/19/2007 Highlands Council Releases Final Draft of Regional Master Plan
11/08/2007 Highlands Council Releases Draft of New Map Series For The Highlands Region

Highlands Council Unveils LANDS Model


Highlands Council supports Ballot Question #3


Highlands Council Conducts Analysis of Highlands Act Exemptions
Highlands Council Exemptions Spreadsheet (Excel)
Highlands Council Exemptions Spreadsheet (PDF)

8/10/2007 Court Upholds Constitutionality of the Highlands Act
7/26/2007 Daniel Van Abs named Senior Director of Science and Planning for the Highlands Council


Highlands Council to Select New Executive Director


S. Korean Officials Visit Highlands Council
   Photo 1   Photo2  Photo3   Photo4


Highlands Council Extends Public Comment Period


Highlands Council Poised for Leadership Change


Highlands Council Schedules Somerset Public Hearing


Highlands Council Extends Public Comment Period


Highlands Council Revises Schedule

10/02/2006 Senate Confirms New Highlands Council Members 

Highlands Council Announces $450,000 In Available Agriculture Grant Monies

09/14/2006 Highlands Council To Hold 2nd Work Session
09/07/2006 highlands_council_weighs_policy_decisions

New Data Shows On-going Risk to Highlands Forests and Farmland


Highlands Council to Sponsor Landowner Forum

02/17/2006 Highlands Council Launches New Website
02/10/2006 Highlands Council Chooses New Executive Director
01/20/2006 Highlands Council Co-Sponsors Downtown Revitalization Institute
01/11/2006 Highlands Council Welcomes 15th Member 
12/15/2005 Highlands Council Celebrates First Anniversary
12/07/2005 Highlands Council Hosts First Property Tax Stabilization Board Meeting
10/27/2005 Highlands Council Completes Second Round of Municipal & County Outreach
09/14/2005 Highlands Council Focuses on Forests
08/10/2005 Highlands Council Marks First Anniversary of Legislation 
08/4/2005 Highlands Council Meets to Advance Regional Master Plan 
07/20/2005 Highlands Council Joins Farm Bureau on Tour of Highlands Agriculture 
07/13/2005 Highlands Council Applauds Governor Codey's Tax Stabilization Board Nominees
06/30/2005 Highlands Council Completes Seven County Swing
06/29/2005 Highlands Council Announces Formation of Technical Advisory Committees 
06/23/2005 Highlands Council Comments on DEP Rules 
06/22/2005 Highlands Council Issues Abstract Clarifying Homeowner Exemptions 
06/1/2005  Highlands Council Issues Abstract Outlining Benefits for Highlands Farmers 
5/26/2005 Highlands Council Completes Successful First Round of Municipal Outreach
05/13/2005  Highlands Council Issues Abstract Addressing Growth Control in Planning Area 
04/20/2005  Highlands Council Issues Abstract Outlining Benefits for Planning Area Towns Conforming to the Regional Master Plan 
04/6/2005 Highlands Council Begins Public Participation Program
03/15/2005  Highlands Council Responds to Freeholders' Threat of Lawsuit 


Winter Waterfall