The Highlands Council voted unanimously on January 20, 2010, to approve Green Township's Petition for Plan Conformance.

Petition for Public Comment

The document below includes all edits made prior to the Highlands council consideration of Green Township's Petition for Plan Conformance at its January 20, 2011 meeting.

Petition Posting for Public Comment (Public Comment Period: Dec. 17, 2010 - Jan. 5, 2011)

A public hearing for Green Township's Petition for Plan Conformance is scheduled for the Highlands Council's 10 a.m. meeting on January 20, 2011. The public notice for this hearing includes information on how to submit public comments.

The Final Consistency Review and Recommendations Report prepared by Highlands Council staff for Highlands Council consideration of the Petition may be found at the link below:

Previously Posted Documents

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