This first-ever Monitoring Program Recommendation Report (MPRR) provides a baseline evaluation of the RMP. Recommendations contained in the MPRR are the result of an analysis of indicators identified through a public process, combined with an examination of implementation activities to date. In this way, the MPRR provides a framework for potential amendments to the RMP along with a six-year work plan for the Council.


** If you are unable to download the files above, a hard copy is available for review in the Highlands Council office during regular business hours.**

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Comments are currently being accepted on the draft Monitoring Program Recommendation Report (MPRR) above. The public comment period is the opportunity for members of the public to comment on the draft MPRR, including making suggestions for additional recommendations to be contained in the final MPRR. Written comments will be accepted through Sunday, September 10 and may be submitted online using the button below, via email to, or hard copy submissions directed to:

New Jersey Highlands Council
Attn: MPRR Comments
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Fax: (908) 879-4205

Fiscal Impact Assessment

Fiscal Impact Assessment was completed in support of the MPRR.