Municipalities in dark blue intend to comply with the Regional Master Plan; click for larger map
Conformance with the RMP (Plan Conformance) is the overall goal for implementation of the various elements of the RMP. The Highlands Act establishes the requirement that all municipalities and counties for land in the Preservation Area bring their local master plans and development regulations into conformance with the "goals, requirements and provisions of the regional master plan." Plan Conformance is voluntary for lands in the Planning Area.

Plan Conformance Guidelines

These guidelines provide an overview of procedures for municipal/county conformance with the Regional Master Plan.

Municipal Plan Conformance Documents


County Plan Conformance Documents
Draft Guidance for Plan Conformance Standards (Previously Released)

The Highlands Council released in June, July, October and November 2008 the following draft guidance materials on municipal Plan Conformance requirements of the Regional Master Plan. These guidance documents reflect the goals, policies and objectives of Chapter 4 and the Programs of Chapters 5 and 6 of the RMP. The period for public comment on these draft documents closed in August 2008 for the June and July releases, November 21 for the October releases, and December 2 for the November release. The Council will finalize and post these guidance documents for use by municipalities during the Plan Conformance process in 2009.